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By: Lizzie Thibodeau

In my undergraduate work I dabbled with large installations, however I felt more comfortable with installing smaller clusters of drawing and paintings.  I spent many years making functional pieces before starting my masters and this gave me the confidence to start thinking about producing sculptures.  Starting graduate school, I really wanted to go big, I wanted to not only push the use of materials, but to push myself to think outside of the gallery.  To invoke an emotional response is a constant goal of my work.  I felt this was executed in my two dimensional work, now realizing, there was room to grow in establishing that level of connection with the viewer as well.  Working with the Shadow Boxes, the execution went beyond the presentation of small sculptures.  The room was set and music played on the hifi.  There were deviled eggs and manhattans ready on the bar.  The beauty of the installation was sculptures melding into the space; at this time, this is where they belonged.  My installations are placements of work that acknowledge the setting as a whole, to provide an all-encompassing environment. 

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