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Lizzie Thibodeau - Shadow Boxes


By: Lizzie Thibodeau

While thrifting over the years I would find old family photo albums or single portraits that I began collecting.   Having deep connections with my family history I was always so saddened that these were donated and cast aside.  While going through the collection I built, I began to think about the lives these nameless people had and I created stories of who I thought they could be.  Some of the photographs gave me clues, handwritten names, places, and in a few instances, a career.  I was even able to find a woman from a childhood photograph.  Lost identity and forgotten souls, these are things that I struggled with and that I think many people struggle with too.  We never want to be forgotten.  These pieces are a celebration of who they were.  Adding personal artifacts to create a life they may have had.

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